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YouTube downloaders are very essential for those who wish to download videos posted on YouTube channels. YouTube does not have a built-in feature to do so directly from the app or site. But the Internet is filled with YouTube video downloaders that provide an easy way to download YouTube videos.

While some YouTube downloaders have paid versions that provide additional tools, most of these video downloaders are free, or at least have a basic free version that provides the most features to users. They also usually have YouTube to MP3 converter functionality.

Not every YouTube MP4 downloader out there will be appropriate in regards to the reason and requirements that you have. It is necessary to try out a number of these before we can choose the one that fits our needs. Let’s take a look at the top five YouTube downloaders that you can use.

  1. Youtubetomp3.guru It is one of the most well-reviewed online free video downloaders present. It has a number of useful features like MP3 converter, MP4 converter, video downloader, etc. The best thing about this is that it is absolutely free and still is ads-free. On top of that, HD videos can also be downloaded for free.
  2. En.savefrom.net – Its biggest USP is that it supports videos from any and every source you can think of. Its best add-ons are the free video converter and the free online radio. It can also be installed as an extension to your browser to download videos directly from YouTube.
  3. Keepvid.pro – This too supports videos from a staggering number of apps and sites. It is available as an online converter, an app as well as an extension for direct YouTube download. There is also an HD video downloader in it. It also allows you to search for videos directly and also allows audio and video downloads separately.
  4. Y2mate.com – This site is dedicated to downloading YouTube videos, and gives a large number of options in the file format of the audio or video to be downloaded. It is absolutely free and compatible with all browsers. It even allows free Full-HD download. It has had a recent update that added a YouTube to MP3 converter to it.
  5. Onlinevideoconverter.com – It is unique in this list in that it can not only download YouTube videos in various formats, it can also convert downloaded videos to a different format. Not only that, it also has a screen recorder feature which can be quite useful when recording game plays or computer tutorials. All these features support multiple file formats.

YouTube downloaders have become quite popular and prevalent today. They will remain relevant and necessary as long as YouTube or other sites do not add an instant download feature to their pages or apps. In fact, a lot of these YouTube downloaders exploit this shortcoming by adding a direct download button to the YouTube page as part of the browser extension. Thus, choose a good, useful video downloader to meet all your requirements.

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