Steps To Download Youtube Videos For Free

Summary: There are instances wherein viewers might like some YouTube videos that they want to download it for free but they might not know the proper process. Let us check out how the same can be done.

YouTube is a world unto itself. It is that place on the World Wide Web, which has something for everybody. Hence whatever the requirement be it educational, entertainment, documentaries, socially relevant videos etc., it is available on the YouTube. But there are many people who might need to view a particular video more than once or they might even want to watch a downloaded video at leisure. In both the instances, the requirement is to ensure that the video gets downloaded properly and also for free.

In order to achieve this purpose, there are certain steps which need to be followed. These steps are:

Getting the 4K video downloading app: In order to ensure that a viewer is able to download YouTube videos, it is important that he download a 4K online video downloader. This application is not only completely free, it is also extremely versatile and is able to download:

  • Complete playlists,
  • 360 degree videos and
  • d. Select the copy link option. It saves the link on the clipboard.

After downloading this application software, you need to launch it and then the video/s can be downloaded.

Copy-pasting the URL of the concerned video: Then the web browser needs to be opened and the URL of the YouTube video that needs to be downloaded is to be copied. The video downloader application has a tab called the “Paste Link”. On clicking on the same, the relevant copied URL gets retrieved and the viewer is given a choice of quality options depending on the quality of the original YouTube video.

Choosing the format and quality: This free video downloader offers users with two options; either the viewer can download the video or can rip the same. Once this selection has been done, the viewer needs to choose the format in which the video needs to be downloaded. It is always preferable to choose MP4 format for the videos since they are versatile enough to be played on all possible devices. Then select the quality or the resolution of the video in which you wish to download & view it later, choose according to the device you have.

Downloading the video: After this, just click on the download button and wait till the YouTube video is downloaded. Once the download completes, you may enjoy the video offline. This YouTube downloader online also gives users the option to download other videos from the same creator. Approximately 24 videos can be downloaded all at once by this application software.

Once the downloading gets over, this video can be played and replayed as many times as the viewer wants. If a viewer is in the habit of frequently downloading YouTube videos, he should use the “Smart Mode” option available in the 4K video downloading software. This mode helps to save the general download options and preferences of the viewer so that they get auto-loaded whenever the viewer wants to download a video. The use of this mode, therefore, makes the download process even faster and in a hassle-free manner.

This mode can be used by simply clicking on the light bulb option present at the top right corner of the screen of the YouTube video downloader online. This enables the last used settings to get automatically applied onto any videos that are being currently downloaded.

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