Simple Methods to Download and Convert Youtube Videos to MP3

All of us love watching YouTube videos, and there are times when we want to convert them into MP3 formats. Although it is not legal and breaks the terms of service of YouTube, people do it anyway. Some of us want to listen to music without an Internet connection, or we want to acquire some sort of skills through watching YouTube videos and most of us require to download YouTube content and convert it into the desired format for our use.

There are two simple methods for converting YouTube videos to MP3:

  • Conversion Software Program
  • Browser Extension
  • Conversion Website

Conversion Software Program – Firstly, you should download YouTube video from YouTube onto your computer and then use VLC to convert it from MP4 to MP3. VLC is a good video player that has various other features as well. The good thing is that it is compatible with Linux, Android, Windows, OSX, iOS. So you can download a YouTube video onto your computer using a downloader website and then convert it into an Mp3 format using VLC.

Browser Extension – If downloading a YouTube video and converting it into your preferred format is an everyday thing for you then you must utilize Browser Extension for doing so.

  • Easy YouTube Video Downloader – It is a decent Firefox browser extension that works well with YouTube and converts YouTube videos into Mp3 format in no time. This extension can be used free of cost, however, if you want HD downloads you will have to opt for a premium membership.
  • Video2Mp3 – These browser extensions work well with multiple browsers, which include Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. The browser extension adds a converter button just below the YouTube video that will download directly to your device.
  • Airy – It is a good Safari extension that converts YouTube videos into MP3 format. Nonetheless, it also works with browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox. All you need to do is download the app, install it and use it to browse YouTube. Select the format and quality of your preference and then download the YouTube video by hitting the Download button.

Conversion Website – several conversion websites facilitate downloading and converting YouTube videos into MP3 format. By using this conversion site you don’t require to download any conversion software or use a browser extension, as everything is done in the cloud.

  • SaveFrom.Net – This conversion website has been around for many years and is a quite reliable site. For converting YouTube video into MP3 format is to navigate to the website, paste the URL of the video, select a format and quality of your preference and download.
  • Youtube To Mp3 Guru – Youtube To Mp3 Guru is online video downloader and converter that allows you to download YouTube videos and convert it into MP3 format. And therefore YoutubeToMP3 is one of the best YouTube video converters. The good part is that you don’t require to register and fill in any sorherefort of credential to utilize the service. It is easy to use conversion tool. Additionally, this video converter is compatible with all modern browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chromium, Safari and Opera. And it does not restrict the number of Youtube videos that you can convert and download in a day or month.

Converting YouTube Videos into Mp3 format and downloading it is such an easy task that it gets completed in no time. This allows you to never miss on your favourite Youtube Video content on the busier days of life. 

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