Is It Possible to Download Youtube Videos on an iPhone?

Summary: There are many people who might find it difficult to download YouTube videos on their iPhones. The article below enumerates steps which when followed; the process of YouTube video download becomes easier.

While possession of an iPhone has become quite common in the recent past, policies and security practices put in place by Apple make it difficult for viewers to download YouTube videos. Watching YouTube videos on the iPhone is a wonderful experience; users might want to watch it again but on an offline mode. This is only possible if the viewer is able to download the video from the YouTube either by using an HD YouTube downloader or a non HD downloader.

However, while not all YouTube downloaders facilitate downloading videos onto an iPhone, there are some which do help to give shape to the task. These free software applications are not only able to download videos but also save them on the iPhone. Thus in order to get YouTube videos to be saved on the iPhone, the following steps need to be sequentially followed:

Launching the app: While there are quite a few software applications available, but only a handful of them actually work properly and ensure a hassle free process. In order to get these apps to work, you need to download and installed the same from the App store and then launch it or open it.

Launching the website: Most YouTube video downloader apps for iPhone have tools which help bypass the security requirements of iPhones but these tools need to be launched from the app that has been downloaded. Links to launch these tools are directly available on the website of the launched application software.

Getting the YouTube video URL: There are two different ways of obtaining the URL of the video to be downloaded. These ways are:

  • After launching the YouTube app from the iPhone, the video can be searched and found. After this clicking on the play button – the video will start playing and then click on the control button which provides the user with several options. The “Share” option needs to be selected from these and the “Copy Link” tab needs to be clicked on.
  • Open Safari browser, the viewer need to go to the YouTube site and search for the relevant video. On obtaining the video, the URL provided at the top can be selected and copied.

Pasting the URL: This URL then needs to be pasted on the space provided within the YouTube downloader. The downloader then asks the viewer to choose the format of the video; from the options provided like WEBM, MP4, 3GP etc., and the quality of the video; from the resolutions provided like 480p or 720p etc.

Downloading the video: Then the download button needs to be clicked which instantly asks the user to provide for a new name for the video that will be saved on the iPhone and also need to specify the location of the folder within the app in which to save it in. Tapping on the “Done” button will start the process of downloading the video onto the iPhone.

Saving onto the camera roll: While the downloaded process makes the video available within the video downloader app, it can be saved on the camera roll of the iPhone by:

  • Navigating to the video,
  • Tapping the edit button,
  • Selecting the “Move” option and
  • Selecting the destination as the “Camera roll”.

This completes the process of downloading and saving a YouTube video onto an iPhone so that the same can be watched later in an offline mode.

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