How to Free Download Videos from YouTube

YouTube videos are quite difficult to download to the memory location of your own device, due to the obvious fact that YouTube does not provide any download button in its page or app. But that is hardly an obstacle when it comes to actually downloading a YouTube video to the local storage of your computer or smartphone.

The Internet is filled to the brim with many reliable, high-quality and fast YouTube video downloaders. These can be of many types. One is online YouTube downloaders that are accessible via their website, e.g., youtubetomp3.guru. The second is extensions that can be added to your browser to give either automatic pop-up for download when the video URL is copied, or add a direct download button under any video being watched, e.g., en.savefrom.net . The third type is the use of a video downloader software in your desktop for the above purpose, e.g., ytddownloader.com.

Each have a more or less similar method to download YouTube videos for free. These techniques are given below:

  1. In each case except where the extension adds the download button to YouTube, you have to first copy the URL of the video.
  2. Go to the online video converter website or the downloader software. In case of extensions, this step is unnecessary.
  3. In this step, actions are slightly different –
    • For the online downloader, paste the link and click on “Download”.
    • For the software, also paste the link and click on Enter.
    • Again, this step is not needed for extensions for pop-up menus. For those that impart the “Download” button on YouTube, click on that.
  4. A number of download options in terms of file format and video quality will appear. This comes through the pop-up in both cases of extensions.
  5. Once you have chosen the desired format and quality of output file, click on it. In case these options are given as checkboxes, you may have to press Enter or “OK” or similar button on the screen.
  6. The video will be loaded, converted and will either be automatically downloaded or will ask you to download by pressing on the “Download” button provided.

Once you have followed the above steps, your YouTube download will start and will be saved in your default Downloads browser. Once it is done, you can enjoy the video in your offline video player in your computer or phone.

Since most of these downloaders are free, ads on the site are inevitable. Most YouTube downloaders that are applications, take a nominal fee to give an interruption-free experience. However, these ads are not so pesky and one can easily use all YouTube downloader features from the free options.

Many YouTube downloaders will also give additional tools like MP3 converter, video editor and so on. It should be warned that YouTube videos are still subjected to copyrights and one should be careful not to infringe them in their use after download.

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