How to Download Video Songs from YouTube for Free

When you download YouTube videos or video songs, you can watch them without getting connected to the internet and that is the most beneficial part of it. It is ideal for keeping yourself entertained at wherever place you are currently present. You can even travel to places where reliable mobile access is not possible and yet, keep yourself updated and entertained with YouTube videos. Downloading YouTube videos is also great if you have limited mobile data. In that case, you can download the desired YouTube videos to your phone using your home Wi-Fi and watch them on the move without risking your data allocation.

It is surprisingly not so difficult to download videos from YouTube which is currently one of our top favorite social media platforms. Moreover, you will be rejoicing to know that you can do it without spending a single penny, that is for absolutely FREE! YouTube itself provides some tools for downloading videos on both desktop and mobile and there are also some really effective third-party tools that can do the job pretty well. Let us find out briefly about the tools and how do they function.

The first one is Youtubetomp3.guru, a free video downloader website which is a completely free online service and enables us to download YouTube videos. To use this, you have to just copy the video link you want to download and next, paste the video URL into the search box of keepvid.pro. Click the option “download” and enjoy watching.

Another YouTube video downloader is 4k video downloader, which is used to download YouTube videos to a Windows PC. To seek its help, you have to first get this versatile software and download whole playlists, such as both HD and 3D videos. When the download is done, just check the box “Launch” and click “Finish”. You are ready to enjoy your favorite videos.

There are also other several YouTube to mp3 converter such as YTD video downloader that enables you to download high-quality video songs from dozens of sites and convert them to other video formats. It is very simple to use as you have to just specify the URL of the video in this tool and then click the “Download” button.

Now let us discuss some topmost YouTube downloaders that can be functioned in Android. If we sit to chalk out a list of YouTube downloader or convertor applications, it will certainly consume a few hours. So here, we will just have a quick and brief discussion about the features of some such apps. YouTube Golets you share videos without internet access and the only limitation of this app is that it never allows you to grab videos from other services like Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms. Then there is Video downlodrwhich comprises of various quality options and navigate features depending on the video you want to download. It is a powerful YouTube video downloader tool and is appropriate for your android handset.

Some other application names to be mentioned are TubeMate, NewPipe, SnapTube,etc.

So, which downloader would you prefer to choose and why? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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