How To Convert Video To Audio Or MP3 With Ease

We often see a great music video and wish to extract the song from the video for listening. Or we may see a tutorial video and then want only the audio file for hassle-free following of instructions via headphones. In any case similar to these, we need to obtain the audio part of a video in the form of MP3 or any other audio file format.

When we face such a need, video to MP3 converters come to our rescue. These are online video converters, like youtubetomp3.guru, or software applications like the YouTube to MP3 product of 4kdownload.com. Most of these MP3 converters will also convert videos from a large number of social media sites to various formats of audio files. Many, like onlinevideoconverter.com, also have the provision for converting offline videos to MP3 and other audio file formats.

So, in order to change a video file to an audio file, we have to take help on an online video converter or desktop converter application. Using them are quite easy, The steps for that are given below:

  1. Copy the URL of the video by pressing the “Share” and then, “Copy link” (in mobiles) or “Copy” beside the URL (in computers). If the converter allows, you may do the same for other sites, like Instagram, Twitter or Vimeo.
  2. Either go to the online YouTube to MP3 converter in your browser or open the YouTube converter app from your desktop.
  3. Paste the link in the search bar in each case.
  4. Now press on “Download” or “Convert”.
  5. A list of download options will now load, which will include choices for the format of audio file, and file quality or resolution. If it has option for MP3 only, just choose audio quality. Also, this and the previous step may be in reverse order on some sites.
  6. The audio counterpart of the video file will now be downloaded to your computer or phone and stored in the “Downloads” folder.

Make sure that the audio file that you are downloading by converting your video file, is at least 480p in quality, otherwise, it might have too much noise in it, that will hamper your experience. Also be sure that the format that you are downloading the audio file in is compatible with the device that you plan to listen to the audio in.

Most usually, in a YouTube converter, MP3 is the preferred and only mode of download of the audio file. Moreover, not all converters will give you the HD option, or if they do, it may be a part of the paid version. Before choosing a video converter for yourself, check out its features thoroughly to ensure that it has each of the features that you most commonly use.

You may also decide to get a YouTube to MP3 downloader that has added features like a YouTube video downloader, video converter, video editor, integrated video or audio player, etc. In fact, nowadays, you will hardly find any site or app that is a standalone converter – most will almost definitely have at least the video downloader feature.

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