How Can I Download My Complete YouTube Playlist

Have you ever made any thematic playlist of various short clips off of YouTube videos? Don’t worry; many of us have. And if you have then you must have had some difficulty in downloading these custom themed playlists. Downloading these videos is not a difficult thing but it can get a bit tricky.

There are many YouTube video downloaders on the internet; some of which you might need to install on your PC while others are online tools. Follow the simple steps pointed below and you will find out that there is nothing to lose sleep over.

First of all, you need to choose a YouTube downloader of your choice; there are a number of these out there. You may consider trying the Youtubetomp3.guru, it is surely one of the best free tools available for converting and downloading YouTube videos. So how can you download a YouTube playlist? Follow these simple steps:

  • From YouTube page of your browser, simply copy the URL of your playlist;
  • Go to the video downloader page and paste the URL in the appropriate place;
  • Click on “Download Playlist” option to download the whole playlist;
  • It will take a few minutes to process all your playlist information;
  • Once all the information is processed, select a quality for your videos and simply click on “Download”;
  • Your work is done, the Downloader will now download the videos one by one;
  • Once your download is finished, select the location where you want to store the playlist on your computer and move it there.

The steps mentioned above, however, relate to another downloader by the name of 4k Video Downloader. But these steps are more or less the same for any other downloader. There are a few that does not allow you to download whole YouTube playlists. Other than that, the process is the same throughout.

You see, it is not a big deal after all. You can also convert your playlist using an mp4 to mp3 converter. As it happens, you can do this in most of the downloaders as they are both a converter and a downloader. In order to convert your videos simply go to the convert option in your downloader page on the browser and paste the YouTube video URL in the appropriate place and click on the convert button.

Once the videos are converted into Mp3, you can then download them one by one or at one go. You can also convert them after you have downloaded them in video format. For that:

  • Open the converter webpage;
  • Select and copy the video you want to convert;
  • Paste it in the allotted place and click on convert;
  • The converter will first gather the information regarding the file, this can take a few moments at most;
  • Once the information is gathered, some converters start the process automatically, while in others you might need to click on the convert button one more time;
  • Once the conversion is finished, save the Mp3 file at the location you want and enjoy.

Let us know if you have any suggestions regarding downloading playlists off YouTube.

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