Find out how to download YouTube videos without any software

Summary: There are times when people do not want to download videos using any software yet most are not aware of this process. Let us see the process involved in downloading videos without software.

The popularity of YouTube has grown phenomenally in the past decade. It is that one place which allows the viewers to successfully watch videos, share, like, rate and subscribe to them and also to upload any videos created. In fact the best part of this site is that it is host to innumerable types of videos such as tutorials, news clippings, entertainment, comedy, movie clips, full movies, short films etc.

The wide variety of watchable videos available on the YouTube attracts people to explore the site regularly and even give rise to the need of downloading the same. Yet a viewer might not always have the time to download and use free online video downloader apps. However, today technological advancements have made it possible to download YouTube videos without having to download any software. Given below are the steps to achieve this purpose in the best possible way.

  • Open YouTube: From the browser of the viewer’s choice, the YouTube website needs to be opened.
  • Find the relevant video: The website needs to be explored and the relevant video to be downloaded need to be find. If the name of the video is known, the search bar on YouTube can also be used.
  • Alter the URL: This step involves the alteration of the URL of the particular video to be downloaded. This is done by deleting the “https://www.”, part of the URL and replacing it with the alphabets “ss” written without a gap or any punctuation in front of the rest of the URL for the relevant video. Thus the beginning which initially was “https://www.youtube.com/watch….” now becomes “ssyoutube/watch…”. On pressing the enter key, the viewer gets directed to the selected YouTube video downloader online webpage.
  • Select quality and format: Once on this webpage, the quality and resolution of the video needs to be selected for downloading. The format in which the same needs to be downloaded also needs to be selected before the downloading starts.

Once the same is done, the video gets downloaded and there is also no need to download any software and thus save space in your device which can be used otherwise to store additional YouTube videos. Today the internet is abuzz with numerous websites which claim to act as free video downloader websites which enable videos to get downloaded without having to download any software.

But not all websites actually deliver what they preach. Hence in order to be sure that the website chosen will actually enable hassle free downloading, the website needs to be thoroughly checked and read the customer reviews before embarking on the same. Even if the process might need several tries to find that perfect website which would act as your YouTube downloader online.

This process is worth investing time, as it enables users to download videos of their choice from YouTube, store the same on devices like the smart phone, the laptop, the desktop etc to watch it at a convenient time at leisure. The biggest advantage here is that the downloaded video can be watched offline and hence can be viewed even at the places with poor connectivity.

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