Download Videos from Youtube and Watch Them at Leisure

Summary: With the storage capacity of smart phones having increased substantially, it is now possible to store videos downloaded from the YouTube onto it. A simplified process of doing it is mentioned below.

Smart phones have now surpassed the desktops, laptops and even tablets both in their utility and usage. Consequently, today people use it for practical work as well as for their entertainment. Thus watching videos on YouTube has become quite common as a method of whiling away waiting time or just to seek some light hearted fun. The fact that smart phones have made it possible to watch YouTube videos anywhere and at any time is perhaps the best feature of the smart phone.

Yet there are times when viewers face a lot of problems with watching YouTube videos because of poor network connectivity which leads to a lot of buffering. Or a person might want to watch the video at a later time or a later date. In both the instances, it makes practical sense to download the YouTube video and save it on the phone so that it can be watched at a time suitable for the viewer.

It is especially easy for a person with an Android phone to download the YouTube video of choice and can be done using either of the 2 processes given below.

First process: This is done by using the YouTube application and the below given steps need to be sequentially followed. The steps are:

  • The YouTube app needs to be opened first and the relevant video for downloading needs to be found.
  • After clicking on the play button, the viewer needs to share it.
  • The YouTube downloader needs to be selected from the menu which comes up on clicking the share button.
  • The format for downloading the video needs to be selected. The preferred format is usually MP4 for videos and MP3 for audio.
  • Then the download button needs to be tapped for the process to get executed

Second process: This process involves the use of any third party application which facilitates the download of videos onto the phone. Generally video downloader apps offer great flexibility and versatility with regards to the quality and format of the video. Either a HD Video downloader app or a non-HD video downloader app can be used as per the convenience of the user to download the video in the right format. The steps which need to be followed are:

  • Download the relevant downloader app and open it on the smart phone.
  • Using the search option on YouTube, the video to be downloaded needs to be found and then tapped to open it.
  • The format for the file to be downloaded needs to be selected. It is usually selected as MP4 for videos and MP3 for audio download.
  • The download button on the app webpage needs to be clicked which starts the whole process. It might take some time for the application to work and the video to get downloaded.
  • After the completion of the process, the video can either be watched within the YouTube video downloader app or from the folder where it has been saved on the smart phone.

Using either of the above two ways, it is possible for a user to download a video of his/her choice from YouTube and watch it as many times & wherever he/she wants to.

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