Comparison of Best YouTube Downloaders

Video downloading is a very common task among many PC and laptop users. Some want to back up a favorite video on their PCs, while others may want to upload a video to watch on other devices. Sometimes people even convert music videos to mp3 or audio files and download them to listen. And all of this is done online. If you were ever to search for “YouTube video downloader” on the internet I am certain you will find a thousand of them. I daresay that the first 10 choices you find will be more than enough for getting the job done.

Still you will ponder over which one to use my dear friend. We all do! If that’s the case then you are at the right place. In this article, we will look at some of the features of these best YouTube downloaders and mp3 converters that make them the best.

As I said, there are thousands of such video Downloaders on the internet. Some of the best are:

  1. YoutubeToMp3.guru
  2. Youtubedownloader.com
  3. Y2mate.com
  4. Savefrom.net
  5. Keepvid.com

There are five key features that make a YouTube downloader/converter the best:

  1. Pricing;
  2. Setup;
  3. Download speed;
  4. User-friendly interface;
  5. Output options.

We will take each five of these features one by one and see how they influence the popularity of these video Downloaders.


The best ones are always the cheapest ones; better yet, the free ones. All five of the aforementioned tools are free to use and ad-supported. Well, you have to give some to gain some. These Downloaders do make their money from these ads. Some might have ads within the installations while others show the ads on-site.


Some of these Downloaders are required to be installed on your Windows OS PC while others are basically online tools, which means you don’t need to install them on your computer. 

Youtubedownloader.com is of the former type while YoutubeToMps3.guru and Keepvid.com are online tools. However, most of the others require an extension to be downloaded in order to use them online.

Download Speed

Just like free pricing, fast downloading is also another key feature of these Downloaders. Most of them are very fast in downloading videos from YouTube. What makes them special is that you will not find any buffering during conversion or downloading. This means no waste of time. If you count the time needed for you to select a format of your choice before starting the downloading, then that is the only recordable lapse of time.

User-friendly Interface

The interface is the same for almost all of these tools. There is a text box where you need to paste the copied URL of the video that you want to convert & download. The minimalistic approach these Downloaders have is what makes them so popular. 

Output Options

Most of the time users look for converting a certain video into a less spacious format, or for better quality.  There are other reasons varying for each individual. Anyways, the best of these Downloaders provide a number of convertible formats and resolutions for you to choose from.

Let us know in the comment section which one of these Downloaders mentioned here is your favorite and why?

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