How To Download Music From Youtube?

YouTube, the world’s biggest online video website is utilized by almost all of us for reasons of our own. Some may like to watch YouTube video series while others may like to watch vlogs or funny videos for that matter. However, some of us go on YouTube with the sole purpose of watching YouTube music videos or listening to YouTube music videos.

At times we are stuck in the situation that the YouTube music videos files are not compatible with the device we have or other times we are in the mood to just listen to the beautiful music of YouTube video rather than watching it. Using YouTube Video converter or online audio converter can do this, which facilitates the conversion of YouTube videos to Mp3 format. There are various ways to download music from YouTube, which are enlisted below,

Using YouTube To Mp3 Guru’s YouTube To Mp3 Converter

YouTube To Mp3 Guru is an online YouTube to Mp3 converter that converts YouTube videos into MP3 format. For downloading music from YouTube videos you do not require any sort of application or software whatsoever. This YouTube to Mp3 converter makes downloading music from YouTube videos way too easier. Firstly open the video that has your preferred music, which you intend to download and copy the URL of the video. Then paste this URL into the text box given in the online audio converter. Going further you will be required to select the MP3 format to download music from YouTube videos. Finally, select the location at which you wish to save or download the music file.

Using Online Video Converter

Online video converter is an online video converter tool that does not require you to register in any way or fill in your credentials for that matter. You can very conveniently utilize its feature that too completely free of charge. This YouTube video to MP3 converter converts video to Mp3 just like any other similar tool and allows you to download your favorite music from YouTube.  

Using 4K Video Downloader

This is another YouTube to Mp3 converter. To use this to download music from YouTube videos, firstly download and install the 4K video downloader. Now copy-paste the URL of the video of which you want to download the music. Then click on ‘Download Now’ the drop-down menu will open in which you can select extract audio. Finally, click on the ‘Browse’ button to choose preferred to save location. Click on ‘Extract’, which will begin the process of extracting the music from the video. When the conversion is done, the music file will be saved to the folder you selected.

Using YouTube Music Premium

If you have the YouTube Music Premium membership, you will be able to download music from YouTube video. Go to a song or the playlist of music you want to download and tap the download arrow or menu for a playlist. The music file will be downloaded onto your phone or any other device for offline listening.

These YouTube To Mp3 converters are one of the best online mp3 converters that makes extracting or downloading music from YouTube videos such an easy task that it can be done on any device in no time at all. Extracting music from YouTube allows us to enjoy our favorite music from YouTube music videos in the device of our choice.

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